Friday, November 19, 2010


These fall, almost winter, days feel so short! They are flying by, some productive, some totally unproductive. But what is productive when you have a small child? I can not believe that it is Friday again already. Here we are.

And there we are, below. This week's savoring has been a bit of a struggle. I'm trying to really enjoy and soak up the time that I have with Cordelia sitting in one spot, playing on the floor. I'm trying to bask in the security that comes with knowing that if I put her down somewhere, she will be there two seconds later when I turn to look again. Each day that passes, she becomes more frustrated that she isn't mobile yet. Our days are quite teary and dramatic, with breaks for the awe that only a nearly ten month old person can have. Below is a moment from this week that was full of delight. Cordelia spent the whole day saying "mama", over and over again. It is gifts like that which help me to carry on through the tears.

And here are the last of the colorful leaves hanging on. I tried to capture the fact that this little tree looks like the tips of its branches are lit up with little fires. Of course, I could never capture that! The picture below is enough to remind me that this is a time of change and letting go - and in that, there is great beauty. Ah, fall!


Mary B. said...

love that Ollieboo is in the background looking on in that pic!

Jen said...

Yes. What IS productive when you have a small child? Indeed. Right this very moment, productive is doing as little as possible so as not to make any noise so that a napping toddler and a sick first-grader don't wake up. Productive as total unproductivity? Catch up on blogs!