Monday, November 8, 2010

many on monday

Lots of people do "ten on Tuesday"... why can't I do "many on Monday"? Seems like a good fit for a morning where my thoughts aren't organized into any cohesive theme.
  • Today is my littlest nephew's "inside out" day. Today we celebrate that he has been outside longer than he was inside. It's an odd thing to celebrate, I know, but I've been thinking about it A LOTt, wondering what I'll do to mark the day for Cordelia and I when it comes up in 2 weeks. Seems like something for the mommy and baby to celebrate together, don't you think? Also, a moment for the mommy to be incredibly nostalgic. Sniff.
  • Cordelia is navigating the time change pretty well. I decided that I'd try to shift her schedule by 15 minutes every couple days for a week. Theoretically, she'd be shifted by an hour and sleeping until 7am by the end of the week - all the while never getting overtired. Going to bed was pretty easy last night, and she slept until about 6am. What I have realized this morning, however, is that the WHOLE DAY needs shifting - naps, feeding, everything. That's a bit much for my feeble brain to handle! I'm constantly looking at our various clocks and translating the time, then adding 15 minutes or subtracting or wondering if I changed that clock anyway. Ugh. I am overtired for sure.
  • I'm having a tough time training my husband. I'm wondering if my job description might just be a little broader.
  • I think my post about the lectionary yesterday was lame. I wish I could have had something brilliant to knock your socks off with. Then again, I realize this is just a spiritual exercise. I am doing this blog to spark my own creative energy. So maybe I have a longing to knock my own socks off. In any event, it will come. I will choose to trust that.
  • The beauty of this fall is knocking my socks off. And I think it is calling me outside. I need to find and purchase some good, warm, outerwear for Cordelia and bust out of here on a regular basis.
  • Coming attractions (goals?) this week: go on at least one run; enjoy a day of visiting/baking with two dear friends; go back to baby story time (crossing my fingers for tomorrow!); hang some pictures; try a new recipe (any suggestions?); keep up.

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