Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello Friday!
I have decided that this habit of savoring, at least once a week, is good for my soul. All week I have been thinking about what photo(s) I might put here to show you what I'm savoring. That has led to reflection on gratitude and more savoring. Very good.

Here, we're having the last blast of fall colors. Things are more bare and spare. The weather is more dramatic and the colorful leaves show up more against the naked(er) branches. As I watch the leaves fall, I am savoring this magical time. Here's a pic from a few weeks ago of my favorite tree in our yard. It turned absolutely golden this year. This tree made it difficult to go inside.

This is Cordelia in mid-September. It's the best photo of what I am savoring about her right now. Her reflective nature impresses me. She watches things, considers things, and seems thoughtful. Cordelia is careful and cautious. This cautiousness is leading to her slowly, slowly developing the ability to move about. She is SO frustrated right now because she can see so much and think so much about what she would like to do with all the things just beyond her reach. Right now is a difficult time in her little life because of this challenging mismatch between her physical and cognitive abilities. But soon, or someday, I believe that her contemplative nature will bless her with many good gifts. So I am savoring this time, watching her abilities unfold.

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