Monday, November 15, 2010

many on monday - take 2

It's Monday and I'm as scatterbrained as I was last week - only this time I'm writing during Cordelia's second nap because I used up her first nap already! It has been a productive day so far.
  • I now believe that my girl will eventually crawl, or figure out some other means of mobility, eventually. She's been so frustrated (and still is, MAJORLY). On a bright note, this weekend she tried a few new techniques and moved a little! She still has a lot of learning to do and risks to take, but there is a teensy bit of progress and that gives me some relief from worry.
  • Oh, fall, you are killing me with the beauty! Thank you.
  • I can't believe that I am already half way through the month of November. I am really enjoying my return to blogging. I'm already making thought-notes about what comes next.
  • Speaking of fall, we had our first fire in the wood stove this weekend. It was delightful. That was actually only yesterday and now the house feels cold (though it is the same temp it always is) without the fire lit.
  • For the first time since we got married (I exaggerate, a little!), this weekend we did not have a major cleaning fit. It was nice to relax, but now I kind of miss having the feeling of a fresh start to the week.
  • We are in the midst of planning our holiday times. Though the logistics are a little cumbersome, it is so wonderful to imagine this time that lies ahead. Love, festivities, tradition, yummy goodies (!), quiet, surprises.... !
  • Speaking of the Christmas holiday... I have been doing a lot of thinking about consuming, gift-giving, traditions, and focusing on Christ. I'll have to do a post about it soon.
  • I'm knitting a sweater for my baby. This is my first "real" project for her. I crocheted a blanket for her and a couple of hats, but those were EASY. This time I have to follow a pattern. CURSES! DRAT! I can't make it up as I go along and that gives me night terrors. Just kidding - the little thing is coming out beautifully so far. I'll share progress reports as I go along. Maybe I'll have a crafty feature here.. ? I am already thinking of adaptations I can make to this pattern for the next time I make it!
  • We went back to baby story time at our local library last week. It was lovely and I think SO important for both of us. I rejoice that we have banished the sniffles and are on to better things!
Speaking of getting on to other things... I better get back to my housewifey duties. I need to catch up with that cleaning and planning meals, you know... ;^)

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Jen said...

Oh the cleaning. The meal planning. The caretaking. The anticipating. It is so important. But it's good to have that time for you, too. Let the house be messy. Mine is a disaster even by 5-year-old's standards. Oh well, I say on most days.