Sunday, January 2, 2011

thinking on the Word, or more accurately, the tradition

On or around this Sunday, Epiphany is celebrated in many Christian denominations and traditions. Epiphany recognizes, remembers and celebrates the moment that the wise men arrived to meet the baby Jesus and recognized him as the Christ. Epiphany is the day the world found out the good news. Epiphany is the coming of the light into the world. It's the "go tell it on the mountain" moment.
I've always loved Epiphany. I love everything about it. Don't get me wrong, celebrating the birth of Jesus is wonderful, but I sometimes wish the Epiphany got the bigger celebration. In many ways, I think we have our celebrations all mixed up - but let's not get started down that rabbit trail.
In my own life, moments of epiphany have been a big deal. The everyday lightbulb moments and the even bigger moments of radical discovery have sometimes (and this is no exaggeration) changed the course of my life.
I celebrate these little moments personally, right in the moment of course. But I have also found so much joy in celebrating with others. My joy is multiplied in the sharing. So it is now with each new discovery and milestone that Cordelia makes. It is almost as if these things don't really fully happen until I share them with someone or catch them on a video or picture. I felt SO BLESSED the first time Cordelia giggled because Doug was there to witness it with me. It just wouldn't have been the same if he hadn't been there. And so it is with each new thing.
During the holiday we travelled to California to be with my parents. Doug's mom, best friend and brother all met us there for little visits too. And during that time, Cordelia had a developmental growth spurt. She started feeding herself, saying NO, imitating our sounds and actions more closely (like saying "tweet, tweet"), walking holding fingers and pulling up on everything, and many more things. These little building blocks of development were celebrated with much rejoicing by Cordelia's family of big fans. Maybe they happened because there was so much love and attention showered on her. But in any case, there was much rejoicing in my heart over all of this. Much, much more than if we had reached these little milestones at home together, just the two of us.
The LIGHT is coming into the world. We know it and we are sharing it. Let our joy and wisdom be multiplied!

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