Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello blogfan(s)!
I have to admit that I am sinking fast. I read so many beautiful, delicious, blogs. They are festooned with details, both in imagery and words. The cooking ones make me want to cook. The parenting ones make me want to be a fantastic parent, raise a million kids, homeschool and document it all in stunning photos. The crafty ones make me want to, well, you know, make things. You get the idea. And I am so full of ideas. And so short on energy and time. And so not blogging every day like I said I would. And so not blogging well, like I hoped I would. I'm not knocking your socks off and I'm boring myself to tears over here. Probably both of you reading this (hi mom+dad!) want to turn this thing off and never read it again. Boo hiss.
I learned something recently: My blog-a-day energy just doesn't carry over to the weekend. Or any time that Doug is home. I have to be alright with that because that is how it is. But I will still TRY.
This week, to get myself motivated again, I will turn to my muse. The little person who lives here is about to be one year old. Oh goodness! More on that later. Stay tuned. Baby book sharing in full swing this week.


amanda said...

you have at least 3 readers, my friend!

Gloria Rose said...

Make that 4 readers. I have to constantly wrestle the muse, my time, and energy too. I think it is a Mom thing.