Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday again

It is Sunday again and the wind is still blowing. We put the babe to sleep in our room tonight, so I'd say the fear has won the night, at least for tonight. We had a good day today - got a little work done, had a little adventure (tried our local pool - the baby swam for the first time!), relaxed, and started the day with pancakes. All in all, a good day.
But here I am blogging with zero passion again. The knitting on my needles is calling me. I have read the scriptures assigned for the day and I have to say they aren't something I really want to write about right now. I have preached some good sermons (At least I think they were good, you know, in the moment.) on these texts in the past. Maybe I'm just not letting them in. I can hear echos of my own analysis of the texts and even some of the stories and poems I used. But, now is a different time.
So, just a quick note from me tonight.
It was a wonder to see Cordelia get the idea of the water. All three of us became more comfortable in it during the time we were there. We passed her back and forth, twirled her around, did a fair amount of bobbing and floating, and all the while she watched the big kids with eager eyes. By the end, she seemed to be authentically enjoying the gigantic bathtub she found herself in. Splish splash, I think we are on our way to having a little fishy in the family.

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Lyda said...

Evidently you are not alone in your "blog burnout" - check out this post!