Wednesday, January 12, 2011

change of plans

Today was supposed to be a snow day. We were promised a snow storm with snow that would stick, preceded by two days of sunshine! But instead, we got a slurpy machine explosion. Two grey days, followed by tons of snow all night (that stuck) and then rain to melt it all away. Somehow, we also got intermittent cable/phone/internet outages too, which is why I'm writing to you now instead of earlier.
Today, I was also supposed to meet with a friend to teach her the art of crochet. But her son is sick, and so we have pushed that lesson off another week.
Today, I was supposed to make something in the crockpot but I was afraid that the power would become intermittent too and I would have a steaming (then cold), half cooked pot of wasted food. So, it's on to plan B for dinner.
What is plan B anyway?
A change of plans is something I am getting used to. I used to be so punctual and reliable. I used to do exactly what I said I would do, be where I said I would be. I was a gifted procrastinator, but I always finished and I was usually on time.
Now, I roll with it. The other day, I arrived (on time) to the vet for the dog's shots. Actually, we were a little early and I commented to the receptionist that this was a minor miracle. She said, "Well, you have your little darling there, so there's your excuse." She meant it in the kindest possible way, and since I was early for the appointment, I didn't feel judged. I asked her how long this grace period lasted and she told me, with her tongue firmly in cheek, that it completely depended on how cute your kid(s) are. Whoa. Even though she was trying to be silly (I hope!), I ended the conversation there and took my seat to wait with my nervous doggie and darling daughter.
This tiny episode (and many other daily ones) has got me thinking about responsibility and changing plans. Children seem to be unreliable by nature these days. Maybe my memory is faulty, but I don't remember plans changing so much when I was little. We were flexible, but always reliable. I want to strike a balance. This is partly for selfish reasons, of course. I am the one missing the snow, crochet lessons, and a warm meal from the crock pot.

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