Monday, January 3, 2011

additional epiphanies

Every year for a long while now, my home church in California celebrates epiphany in a beautiful way. Remembering that the kings were guided by a star, they choose a "star" as a guide for the year. These stars are simple paper cutouts with words written on them. Church members are invited to come forward and pick a star, and therefore a word, to guide them.
Each year, my mom picks a star for me. Each year the star/word has been a guide. It might seem silly or superstitious, but I don't think of it that way. Usually either right away or at some point in the year, the word has a guiding, comforting, inspiring or somehow helpful influence on me. I don't know how it happens, but it almost always does.
This year, she chose a star with the word, "delight". She sent me an email to tell me yesterday afternoon. Instantly when I read it, my soul said YES. I have been thinking about happiness and its sister, delight, for some time now. When my mom arrives here in a few weeks, she'll hand deliver it and I'll put the star on my fridge to guide me towards happiness throughout the year.


Peggy A. said...

Jennifer - I, too, love Epiphany Sunday and the stars our church gives out. I have picked stars for our girls' after they moved to Oregon. It's a special way to keep connected.
Happy Epiphany, my dear.
Peggy A.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect word to begin a new year with! And especially a new year full of such wonderful resolutions and you listed in another post (eat, pray, love). Your intention and attention to the divine moments in day to day life continues to inspire me, dear friend! -Amy