Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It has been a surprise to me this time around how the new year has brought so much energy for change. When we got home from our trip, I felt like clearing out, cleaning up and generally starting fresh. I initiated conversations with my hubby about what could be better in our relationship and our home-life. I thought of what newness might be emerging in me. I thought about what I wanted and needed. I thought about what I didn't want to do but still needed doing. I took a little look at Cordelia and her life and what was ahead for her. I reflected on my parenting and housekeeping and cooking and all that.
Inevitably, I then had to sit down for a deep breath or too because I got completely overwhelmed by all the resolving, committing and changing.
After all of that, and a bit of quiet this morning, I have found something simple. Eat, pray, love - a book title from a few years back. I LOVED the book (haven't seen the movie). If you know me then you probably see some obvious ways this book title becomes my resolution for 2011. And you are probably right on the mark.
EAT - With the baby eating real foods and starting to wean for real and for keeps, I am focused more on food and nutrition than ever before. Also, Doug and I want to be more fit in the new year (and forever after) so that requires more thoughtfulness about what we're putting in our mouths. That is what's obvious. The metaphorical meaning of food applies here too. I want to think about and work on what we are consuming in terms of reading, watching, seeing, and doing too. What are we bringing in? I want that to be healthful too.
PRAY - I need to find the Spirit again. Daily writing is part of it, but maybe going to church regularly too. Finding a community where Spirit is part of the language and practice.
LOVE - Delight is my guide this year - and so in all things there will be love. Love in work and play. There will be a focus on kindness, silliness, friendship and happiness.
And so we begin. Eat. Pray. Love. That's it. What are you resolving?

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Martha N said...

Hey girl,
A book I read just before Christmas that was pretty good, thoughtful and interesting was The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. She also has a website/blog that you could check out.
She also has a very sweet (a little bit cheesey) short video called "The Years are Short."
Let me know what you think.