Saturday, September 27, 2008

a BIG year

I'm two days into my new year.  My 35th birthday was Thursday.  Yikes... mid thirties.  But the bigness of the year is not about the bigness of my age, it's about all the major turning points that are up ahead on this road.  This is my last "single" birthday - D and I are getting married this coming spring (still haven't settled on a date).  I'm working full-time at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance as a fellow in oncology chaplaincy.  That means that before the year is out I will have produced a publish-worthy piece of research writing (a LONG one).  D and I are hoping to start a family soon after our wedding.  That is the fulfillment of a great big hope of mine, but it's still scary to think that it might come true THIS year.  We will sell D's condo and buy a house together, hopefully before the wedding.  That will make me a (co) homeowner.  Wedding, writing, kiddo?, home.  WOW.  That's a lots to contain in 365 days... and there's already only 362 left!  Better get off the computer and get back to work.... or maybe take a moment to breathe and pray.

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Juniper said...

Hi J,

I saw on facebook that you are starting a blog, so I cam over to say welcome to the blogosphere :)

Congratulations on your engagement!

You said you've been reading a lot of blogs, so this is probably redundant, but in case you dont know them already, you might want to check out the revgalblogpals - a webring of mostly women pastors/chaplains/students. Good stuff going on over there.

And do you know Beauty Tips for Ministers? That's good, too :)