Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the power of prayer

What a difference a week makes.  Last week I was fretting and unproductive.  I needed to focus and get a few things done.  The wedding planning had hardly been even begun, the dress was not yet selected, and I was totally stuck and frozen.  Overwhelm is my weakest link.  When there is too much on the plate I tend to shut down.  So I stopped and considered my options.... we could delay the wedding date a little further out.  I could quit my job.  We could win the lotto and so then we could hire someone to do everything (and fast!) and we could stop worrying about housing.  OR, I could set a few attainable goals and pick away at them.  As it turns out, nothing was really as hard as it initially seemed.  More importantly, progress has been made!  I called some venues, we visited, and now we are narrowing in on dates, places and times.  I bravely made another appointment and employed my fantastic friend to accompany me to the bridal boutique (this is where the prayer comes in).  Through the power of the prayer warriors who were praying for our success and the Lord's good grace in answering those fervent prayers, we found the perfect dress!  All is well in brideville tonight.  No one is quitting or despairing or putting things off.  Phew!

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