Wednesday, September 24, 2008

as the crow flies

I'm still adjusting to my new job at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  There's lots to learn.  There are (what seem like) a hundred different computer things; new modes of communication; new faces; a new schedule; two medical facilities; new medical jargon and concepts; and a whole new "outpatient gig".  As if all this newness was not enough... I have to figure out transportation and schedules.  Serving two places is complicated.  Today, I thought I would start and end my day at the UW Medical Center (where our patients go when they need to be in the hospital - and where my office is).  In the morning I took the bus to UW, but then in the midst of the day my plans changed.  Instead of taking our shuttle back to UW at the end of the day, I decided to just walk home from SCCA.  Great!  With my ipod fired up, I headed out.  All was well until it started to pour down rain.  I took off my nice warm jacket (because it is stuffed with down - and feathers without their ducks aren't so waterproof) and stowed it into my bag where it would stay dry.  I was cold, but I have to say, all was still well.  You know those days (or moments) when everything seems to be touched with a golden light?  I was having one of those moments all the way home.  This gilded feeling kept me warm, both in my spirit and body.  When I was halfway home, I noticed a mailbox perched atop a fence in front of a house.  The mailbox had a sign posted on it reading, "a poem for September - take one".  WOW!!!  I smiled as I opened the mailbox and pulled out my poem.  Any of you that know me, know that I love poems and I especially love little surprises.  I tucked the poem into my bag and thought about what it might be.  I thought about how whenever I receive something, it is an invitation to give.  I am pondering how I might create more surprise and delight in the world.  Here is the poem for September from my neighbor.  Dear neighbor... whoever you are... THANK YOU.  As this little crow flew home, sideways in the rain, the distance did seem shorter.

Triolet on the Adage "As the Crow Flies"
- M.J. Iuppa
As the crow flies, sideways, over fields,
The distance shortens, the evening reels - 
Darkness rallies, voices sealed.
As the crow flies sideways, over field
Will he stop short of his address - take shield
In a stand of trees and decry what is real?
As the crow flies, sideways, over fields,
The distance shortens, the evening reels - 

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Katie said...

Congrats on starting up the blog life my lovely YukonSally. ;)