Wednesday, February 23, 2011

falling off and getting back on

Hello, long lost friends!
I fell off the blog-wagon and seem to have hit my head hard, got knocked out, and have been unable to get back up and onto the wagon. Cordelia's birthday came and went. Visitors and festivities came and went. Sicknesses came - and luckily - went. All this and I have reflected and written about it not one bit. Scratch that. Actually, I reflect on it constantly, I just don't write about it.
Something else is taking up all my time. Yarn, sticks. I'm obsessed with knitting. There, I said it. I am struggling to make time for my passions (writing and knitting) and my duties (everything else). Tough stuff.
This is a good challenge to have. I hope to be back here more soon. In the meantime, see you on Facebook, Ravelry (maybe?), my couch with needles in hand, or the local yarn store, park or ferryboat.

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